Important Notice

【Important Notice on Covid19】

(updated 2020.09.15)

1. On Temparature, And ID

*We are required to take temperature of every guest on checking in. Please let us take a temperature on your check in with non-contact thermometer. It’s hygine measures to prevent infectious disease.
*We are required to check ID of every guest on checking in.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2. On Mask And Disinfection Of Your Hands And Fingers

Please wear mask and disinfect your hands and fingers with alcohol in our shared space. 

【Our Initiative】

1. Hygiene Measures To Prevent "Sealed", "Dense" And "Close"

*We usually prepare bathroom for group by group. Please do not rush to bathroom. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. One group take bath and then host wash and disinfect it, and another group will take bath. It’s our HOUSE RULE from normal times.
*We do not open kitchen for guests to prevent infectious disease for the time being.
*Please refrain from eating, drinking and having a party in our shared or even in our guest room. As is listed in our house rule, Japanese Minsyuku or Ryokan or even Hotel do not publicly acknowledge guest bringing in foods and drinking as we usually run a restaurant or a bar at the same time. 

2. Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation

Our cleaning our is between 11AM to 2PM. We clean, disinfect and vent the room,  which is also for prevention of infectious disease. Our guest room and shared space is always unavailable during the cleaning time.

3. Our Staff Initiatives

Every staff has to wear masks during work and take temperature everyday and before work for prevention of infectious disease.

Traveler’s Wharf Shichigahama
Property and Guest Manager