Hotel Regulations

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1. No party at night.

No party at night as this is a very quiet residencial area. no shout, no cry, no music at night. Stricktly speaking, in Japanese Ryokan or Minsyuku, as we run a restaurant or bar at the same time, we prohibit every guests bring in foods and drinks to have a party. Is bringing them in Hotel Ok? No. We are just winking at, or tolerating it. If your spill ketchup or Bulldog sauce on Tatami or Futon, we will definitely charge your credit card.

2. No littering

This is a part of Matsushima. Do not litter.

3. No bear foot

Please take slippers in our shared space, and take them off in a room with tatami floors.

4. Turn off air conditioner when you go out or leave.

I know you keep it on in your country, but please turn it off when you go out. We depend on nuclear plant in Japan, and I do not like it.

5. Do not use microwave, toaster, and electrical pot at the same time.

Please use them one by one. If the electricity is turned off, just turn off all the facilities you are using, and wait a minute. Power will be back automatically.

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6. No Smoking

No smoking Inside. There is a smoking section outside.

7. Bath

Open from 5 am until 10pm basically. We have two separate shower rooms and a bath room. They are both for shared use. Even if you live in Japan and knows how to use gas facility, to put hot water in the bathtub is A host work. Usually host wash the bath room and put hot warter in the bath tub, one group take bath and then after they finish, host wash it again and get prepared for next group for bathtub use. Please do not rush to the  bathroom. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

8. Security and security camera

We have safes in your rooms, but we are not responsible for any lost or stolen baggages. Please be noted that we have security camera at entrance outside for your safty.




9. Facility

Almost all facility here is for rental usage. Do not bring towels, yukatas, sheets and pillows to your home. We do serve disposable toothbrush. Do not put wet towels directly on Tatami, or on Futons. It will easily spoil Tatami, and you have a towel hanger out side of your room.

As for kitchen usage, some may think that it is usual or common that you can use it for your breakfast, or dinner. And others say that they want to have hot pot like nabe party in Japanese even though they do not bring hot pot itself. At least ASK BEFOREHAND please. I mean BEFORE YOU BOOK IT. Even if this accommodation is different from what you expect, I am very sorry but I do not understand exactly what you expect for. If you want to cook something with rice cooker or seasonings, please bring YOUR RICE COOKER, SEASONINGS, etc by yourself please. Extra 1000 JPY will be charged for a person a night for kitchen usage, extra 4000JPY for nabe party from Feb 2019. Seasonnings, oils, mils, who share them? Please buy and bring them yourself. This is not a listing ALL INCLUDED and AGAIN not a listing to have a party. This is a place for rest and sleep please. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

10. Shared space and guest rooms

Please always ware slippers in our shared space, and the shared space is only open until 10pm. Please always be out until 11am to 2pm for our cleaning and maintainace purpose.


Travelers Wharf Shichigahama

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11. Pets

You can stay here with your small dog. But please bring a cage and a manner belt with you. Please let him or her wear manner belt in your room, and use the cage when you are not with him or her, or when you are both in our shared space. We love dogs, but some other guests do not. Pet charge 1000JPY a day.

12. License

Our license number is 宮城県(塩保)指令第296号.

13. Tent site


Enjoy your most glorious moments with Travelers Wharf Shichigahama

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14. Check in and out, your baggage

Cheching in and out in this accommodation means our guests with their baggage arrive or leave here at the same time. We can not accept your sending or leaving only baggage before your checking in or your checking out for security and maintenance purpose. If you want to leave your baggage for a while for walking or swimming after your checking out you may do so in our shed out side, and it will cost 1000JPY for a baggage a day. Using rollers of your baggage on tatami or inside rum is not allowed.

15. Booking from third party

Booking from third party is not allowed at any time.